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Conventional wisdom/methods for instant soberization were all a bunch of crap.
Watari knew this, he had many years experience with the matter of being drunk and/or tipsy. That's why, even after being scared witless he was still unfocused. He was drawn a little out of his drunken haze when Tsuzuki fell victim to.. "A clog?" He picked it up and stared at it blankly. He kinda liked being drunk. It made his mind slow down, he stopped analyzing things as much. Had he been sober, he would have already determined the kind of wood it was, when it had been made, what tools had been used, the surface area, weight, volume.... Instead it was just a clog. He fobbed it off to Tsuzuki and went back to staring around in a stupor for another few minutes.
"Alright, Watari and I will pair up." ZOOM~! He ears zeroed in on that. (And he was certainly a good deal more alert now!) The next part of what Tatsumi said was almost lost as Watari stared at him with only the intent and intensity a
:iconkaminarhea:KaminaRhea 1 9
Little Secrets
Okay. This should kill you/give you cavities with its sweetness. One of the two. This should also be sweet enough to make up for "Restraint" and "Bound/Straightjacket" XD
Usually I'm not so exremist, most of my fics have a blend of humor, angst, fluff, and what I like to think of as realism. Leave a review okay? :D
Watari Yutaka was nursing a secret.
No one was sure what it was, but they were all certain it was some dastardly new wave of mischeif and none of the other Shinigami wanted a part of it. Especially not one Tatsumi Seiichiro.
The reason for this being, of course, that his birthday was coming up.
He hated the winter months enough as it was. Especially December.
Winter was a time of great stress. It was cold, lifeless, and heating his house was expensive. (He cut back on these costs by spending more time at the office than usual, but even there it was cold, because they didn't have enough of a budget for proper heating either. He swore Watari burned/explod
:iconkaminarhea:KaminaRhea 11 18
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Bound :iconkaminarhea:KaminaRhea 1 8


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